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Welcome to the website of the Obuda Arthritis Center. Our practice has been dealing with the treatment of loco motor disorders since 2001 Our out-patient service initially treated patients with arthritic and vertebral disorders. As of 2004, we have extended our service to the treatment of autoimmune diseases, an area where we have since gained significant experience. These are carried out in cooperation with Synexus Magyarország Kft. Our primary areas of treatment are:

- Vertebral disorders, vertebral pain (e.g. low back pain)
- Osteoporosis
- Autoimmune diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis)
- Osteoarhritis (e.g. hip or knee)
- Arthritis (e.g. shoulder or knee-arthritis)

The common feature of the above mentioned disorders is the deterioration of locomotive skills. If not treated at an appropriate stage, the symptoms become gradually more and more severe, which can lead to permanent disability. The patient cannot attend to daily activities, which results in a worsened quality of life. Our team of professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, physical exercises, assistants etc.) works together in finding the causes of the symptoms, identifying the disease, and developing an effective strategy.
We strive to incorporate the potential of different domains of classical medicine in order to achieve maximum efficacy. Our aim is to decrease the severity of patients’ symptoms, while causing the least possible harm in an already damaged structure.
This strategy is especially relevant in the case of autoimmune diseases, which are likely to last a lifetime. It is essential that such patients receive the least possible doses of medication in the least harmful way. Osteoporosis is another lifetime disease, in the case of which an integrative treatment is necessary, combining medicinal treatment with physiotherapy, dietetics, and guidance counselling in self-therapy and life skills. Acute diseases (e.g. low back pain caused by disc disorder) also require a similar strategy. Apart from urgent assistance, lifestyle-counselling and special physical exercising help to ensure that such symptoms become less likely to occur in the future.
Beside professional considerations, we place great emphasis on creating an environment, in which a long and successful cooperation is guaranteed between patient and doctor. We hope to achieve the aforementioned through providing a safe and secure atmosphere, enabling an effective thinking process involving both parties.

Istvan Szombati MD
Managing Director
Clinical Immmunologist

Obuda Arthritis Center       Tel: +36 1 244 8249    info@rheumatologus.hu

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